Saturday, February 13, 2010

Terms & Conditions

Kindly please read this through...

1. Sales only in Malaysia.

2. Buying is at your own risk. All items are in good condition.

3. No refund and no exchange once invoice furnished. NO BACKOUT BUYERS.

4. Purchase of goods is on FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE basis. Successful submission of online order does not mean that the item(s) is yours. Your purchase is subject to item's availability.

5. Please note that all prices quoted does not include the postage fee. Shopper is to bear the postage fees.

6. Please wait for our response. We will response within 24 hours after order has been placed (successful order submission).

7. Your purchased item(s) will be couriered to you a day or two after the payment is made. You will be notified.

8. Please attached the bank-in/payment slip as proof of payment. THIS IS IMPORTANT! No proof of payment will delay the postage of your items. We need this as a confirmation and for record purpose.

9. You will be notified of your tracking number accordingly. (Via email or SMS)

10. Serious buyer only! Booking/reservation can only be made for 3 days and payment must be done within that period. After 3 days and no news from you, items will be back on sale without any notification from us.

11 We are not being hold for responsible on any damages to goods during & after postage.


1. Payment can be made in via online or over the bank's counter (it's up to you!).

2. Payment is made to our Maybank or CIMB account. 

3. Please attach and send in the payment/bank-in slip to us as proof of payment. 

4. If you pay online, kindly please include our email address and item's code of purchase (see the pictures attached below). 

 Payment via m2u

 Payment via CIMB Clicks

 5. Payment must be made within 3 days after order has been place or else item(s) will be back on sale automatically. We may send a notification to you on the last day of payment to be made as a reminder.